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KIMA LIMITED Ltd has been already existing on the Russian market for 10 years and promoting the most innovative products for all food industries. For this activity our Company was awarded with the Diploma “Gold Quality Mark” by Moscow Entrepreneurs’ Association and Certificate “Reliable Enterprise of Moscow” by Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry. To introduce and promote unique high-tech products on the Russian ingredient market, our Company has started close cooperation with the European companies-developers and producers and become the official exclusive distributor of such companies as “BENEO-Palatinit” GmbH (Germany), “AROMCO” Ltd. (Great Britain), “AQUANOVA AG” (Germany), “MANTROSE-HAEUSER Co., Inc.” (The USA). Department of technologies and innovations of our Company cooperates with above-mentioned partners in such spheres as development, adaptation and introduction of innovative products; this cooperation allows to transfer cutting-edge technologies and the newest ingredients to meet the needs of Russian producers and increase their competitiveness.

Advantages of cooperation with our Company:

  • New technological decisions
  • Overall technological support and consultation
  • Application laboratory equipped with minimasters of production facilities
  • Fast and free of charge delivery of samples via express courier service
  • Regular range of products is available in stock
  • Our own cars and trucks
  • License for activity with ethanol-based food additives

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